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Unexpected Results: The Eternal Podcast is about a Digital Card Game called Eternal by Dire Wolf Digital that is broadcast and recorded live every Monday night at 9pm Eastern // 6pm Pacific @ http://twitch.tv/theplatypusking

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    It's the End of the World

    Platy goes solo with a meaningless tale about a little goat, his 24 hour stream celebratin 18 months of streaming, the tournament results for both ETS S2W6 (that he once again Top 8'd) and the ECL Season 2 Invitational, the Dark Tidings event, the Dead Reckoning premium upgrade, and the recent subreddit drama surrounding the Mods and the banning of AlpacaLips.

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    E3 & Balance Patch

    We discuss initial E3 impressions, the Balance Patch, ETS S2W5 (which Platy Top 8'd!) and briefly touch on WWE's Super Show Down event.

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    Double or Nothing

    We discuss the results of the ECQ Showdown, ETS S2W4, the prominence of Evenhanded Golem on Ladder, many draft related things and of course, AEW's Double or Nothing PPV.

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    Draft Masters Recap

    Mantid and Platy chat about the results of Draft Masters and the ETS as well as the new Eternal Lore Page.

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    Bop It! Twist It! Shift It!

    We discuss the results of ETS 2019 S2W1, ECQ: Dark Frontier, and approximately 10 Jillion spoilers from Dark Frontier (including an exclusive one for the Podcast!) so plug in your headphones and ignore your day job!

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    Dark Frontier Spoilers - Batch 1

    Platy and Mantid discuss Mortal Kombat 11, the SPG 11th Hour Open, and tons of Dark Frontier SPOILERS!

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    Balancing Like it's 2016

    Platy goes it alone in this episode to discuss the Mill Challenge he did last week, the new promo and lore behind it, the Balance Changes, ETS news, and so much more! There's even a brief Q&A at the end. Listen to Platy stumble over every single one of his words ALL ALONE!

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    ECQ Winter Crown Results

    Platy and Mantid discuss the ECQ Top 8 results at length, the suspension of drop campaigns, speculate about Set 6 -- Dark Frontier, and sprinkle in a little bit of wrestle talk as well.

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    Homecoming Mania (& Real Talk... Again)

    Platy discusses some alcohol abuse issues he's been dealing with in the real world and shares a song he wrote about it before joining the Mantid Man to talk about all things Homecoming and Wrestlemania!

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