Unexpected Results: The Eternal Podcast
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Unexpected Results: The Eternal Podcast was about a Digital Card Game called Eternal by Dire Wolf Digital that used to be broadcast and recorded live every Monday night at 9pm Eastern // 6pm Pacific @ http://twitch.tv/theplatypusking

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    FoX Impressions w/ noverb

    With Mantid out sick, noverb filled the shoes of the Titan and joined Platy to discuss all things related to Set7 - the Flame of Xulta!

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    RoboMantid Attacks

    We cover the new Eternal mechanics and all the spoilers since last week while attempting to evade the attacks of RoboMantid!

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    Welcome to Totemtown

    We discuss the new mechanic - Mastery, approximately a million spoilers, subtember drops, the lifecycle of the ETS and Clash of Champions! (Sorry for the publishing delay)

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    Don't Call It a Comeback

    After an unexpected hiatus, our beloved duo returns to discuss Set 7 Spoilers, Chapter 34 Lore, the new Eternal Deck Building Game and much more!

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    Shut Up Platypus!

    Mantid returns to discuss the SPG Ladder Race, Expedition Orienteering, Draft Update, the New Sealed League and more!

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    Grodov Set Review - Solocast

    Platy is solo this week and talks about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the Boys as well as Expedition Tournaments, does a set review of the Trails of Grodov, and talks about Seek Power Gaming's upcoming Ladder Race!

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    Trials of TheSaltidMan

    Platy and Mantid discuss what games they've been playing, the community event that marvin_the_imp of Team Not Tavrod hosted, lore for the new hero Oizio, all things Trials of Grodov and more!

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    Worlds Recap + RIP ETS w/ Doc28

    Platy is joined by Doc28 this week to discuss the results of the Eternal World Championship, the end of the ETS (and the future of Competitive Eternal) as well as the few spoilers we got during Worlds.

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    ETS Invitational + Spiderman Spoilers

    We discuss the results of the ETS Season 2 Invitational, the Cookout Event, a Reddit Post, talk about Spiderman: Far From Home in very SPOILER-y ways (don't worry, we heavily warn you first) and Mantid's love of Conspiracy Theories!

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    Scatman and Robin in "Balancing the World"

    Platy and Mantid discuss Platy's banking issues and attending last weeks WWE Smackdown Live, ETS S2W8, Expedition, the Balance Patch, and Platy goes completely off the rails with a crazy train!

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