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Unexpected Results: The Eternal Podcast is about a Digital Card Game called Eternal by Dire Wolf Digital that is broadcast and recorded live every Monday night at 9pm Eastern // 6pm Pacific @ http://twitch.tv/theplatypusking

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    Ambitious World

    Platy and Mantid catch up after the brief hiatus, talk about the future of the podcast, and the results of ETS 2019 S1W2 as well as ECQ: Burning Hope!

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    Defiance Release Talk

    Mantid Man returns and we discuss ThePlatypusKing's 24 hour streamiversary celebration in honor of completing his one year stream every day challenge, various thoughts about Set 5 -- Defiance, and our feelings about the recent WWE TLC PPV!

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    ETS World Championship Recap & Defiance Spoilers

    Mantid Man couldn't join us this week so he was replaced with theovermaster! We recap the ETS World Championship (brought to us by rngeternal.com) and all of the Defiance Spoilers that have come out in the last week!

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    A Lot of Spoilers Without Spoiling a Lot

    We spend a lot of time talking about the ECL Set 2 & 2.5 Tournament, ECQ Defiance that Platypus made Top 32 of, the "controversy" surrounds the Founders and Veterans Packages, Retroactive Campaign Upgrades, and 22 Spoilers from Set 5 -- Defiance!

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    Reports of Feln's Death are Greatly Exaggerated

    What happened at the ETS Wildcard event? How was the Set 1 & 1.5 Ban Tournament? There's a nerf to the way Destiny works. We even had some new spoilers to chat about. ECQ Prep. We discuss it all! Let's go!

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    Road to Worlds

    Audio issues with Platy somewhat continue as we discuss Platy's Qualification for ETS Worlds, the ETS Invitational Top 4, DWD's Feastcalling Top 4, redraw rule feelings, Set 5 Spoilers, new player influx, the first ECQ, and smidgen of good 'ol fashioned WRASSLIN!

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    Not Economically Viable

    We discuss the results of the final ETS Weekly of 2018, upcoming ECL events, Game Economy Changes, and speculate about NXT War Games.

    RIP Stan Lee

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    Envoys Misfire

    This week Platy's audio hiccups on occasion as we discuss ETS S4W7 Results, Meta Outlook, New Kosul Lore, the Envoys Tournament Botch, and some small talk about recent WWE events.

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    Platypus: the King of Nightfall

    We are back! ThePlatypusKing fell and broke his leg back in September. We're going to tell you that story, talk about the growth of Eternal since then, the results of the latest ETS, Mantid's new Eternal Lore YouTube series -- the Oathbook, and a touch of WWE Evolution before the internet died mid recording.

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