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Unexpected Results: The Eternal Podcast is about a Digital Card Game called Eternal by Dire Wolf Digital that is broadcast and recorded live every Monday night at 9pm Eastern // 6pm Pacific @ http://twitch.tv/theplatypusking

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    Homecoming Mania (& Real Talk... Again)

    Platy discusses some alcohol abuse issues he's been dealing with in the real world and shares a song he wrote about it before joining the Mantid Man to talk about all things Homecoming and Wrestlemania!

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    Community Championship Results

    We discuss the results of the ETS Community Championships, some last minute spoilers, the upcoming campaign that releases this week, and more!

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    ECQ Homecoming Results

    Platy tells a story about a stupid "prank" he pulled in high school and advises folx to not do stuff like that and then joins Mantid to discuss the ECQ Homecoming Top 8 and to discuss the 4 Spoilers that we've had so far from the upcoming Homecoming Campaign.

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    ETS Invitational Results

    Discussed: Platy's adventure for Doc Martens, Invational Results, ECQ Predictions, Campaign Predictions, and some WWE Fastlane PPV talk.

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    Snowpocalypse 2k19

    Platy tells us about being snowed in with no electricity or internet and plays us a song he wrote called Exiled before joining up with Mantid to discuss ETS 2019 S1W8 results, Heroes Rise event, speculate on the invitational, ECQ, next Campaign, and all sorts of other stuff. Jam packed 2 hour long extravaganze!

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    Heroes on the Rise

    Platy discusses mental health a tad bit more, introduces a new format for the show and a new stream schedule, ETS 2019 S1W6 results, the upcoming Heroes Event, and just a tad of WWE's Elimination Chamber!

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    Real Talk & ECQ

    Platy has been having some mental health issues lately and catches up on the latest happenings with Eternal.

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    Scrappy Rumble

    We discuss the happenings and results across the land of Myria and the 2019 WWE Royal Rumble.

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    Haunted Rumble

    Mantid Man and Platy briefly recap some of the balance changes, go over S1W3 Results of the ETS, and make some predictions for the funnest WWE PPV of the year -- Royal Rumble!

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